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Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Stolen – FIVE STATES Are On Alert!

Radioactive Material

A new report shows how the Mexican government has placed five states on high alert after a truck carrying dangerous, radioactive material was stolen!

This will be the fourth such theft since 2013, and this dangerous material could kill countless people if it got into the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS).

According to Mexico’s Interior Ministry, a truck was carrying industrial material, including a yellow container with a rod of Iradium-192, in San Juan del Rio, Quertaro, which is in the central part of Mexico.

The National Coordination of Civil Protection said a 2006 red Chevrolet Silverado pickup transporting radioactive iridium-192, used in radiography, was stolen in San Juan del Rio at about 6 a.m. local time (7 a.m. ET).

In a statement it said the material, which was being transported in a bright yellow container, “can be dangerous to people if not handled in safe conditions or if handled without the right protection.”

“It can cause permanent or grave wounds to a person who handles it or is in touch with it during a brief period (between minutes and hours),” the statement said. “If the material is not found in its container it represents an important risk to health. The material is nevertheless not dangerous if it is still in its packaging.”

In addition to Queretaro, the states of Hidalgo, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Michoacan were put on alert.

Via NBC News

Clearly, the Mexican government can not be trusted to properly manage and track the transport of such dangerous materials, and now we’re all at risk. This is just one more example of why securing the border is essential, as terrorists could easily transport this sort of radioactive material into America, where it could be used as a bomb.

There should be serious repercussions for the Mexican government for not properly monitoring this material, but there likely won’t be… considering that President Barack Obama is in the White House.

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