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Trey Gowdy Is Furious at Robert Mueller’s Embarrassing Investigation – Calls Probe ‘Embarrassing’

Former prosecutor Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who has never lost a case, just fired off a warning shot to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, he has already threatened to hold the FBI and Department of Justice in contempt of Congress for withholding information related to the removal of FBI agent Peter Strzok from Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Gowdy explained on Fox News that this Special Counsel has serious “integrity” problems now that we’ve learned that anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was removed for bashing the President on text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, his mistress.

There are more than 10,000 text messages that need to be reviewed. Gowdy opined, “We met with the Department of Justice … and they have to go through the texts.”

Then he added details about just what the Committee is interested in: “We are not entitled to them, nor do we have an interest in purely personal texts. We are very interested in both anti-Trump and/or pro-Clinton texts. Because, as he made reference to, he was a very important agent in her investigation, also in the ongoing Russian related investigation, perhaps the decision for Comey to change the wording in a statement.”

Gowdy’s comments about “wording in a statement” is a reference to former FBI Director James Comey, who described Hillary Clinton’s email investigation as “extremely careless” instead of “grossly negligent” to avoid certain legal ramifications for the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Gowdy said, “He is super important and people have a right to know whether agents are biased one way or another. The department is going to go through the texts been going to make them available to us as soon as they can.”

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum pressed Gowdy on if he has any faith left in Muller’s ongoing probe. Gowdy responded, “I do, but I have got to confess to you, and I understand who think I’m wrong. I got an email last night from a friend back home saying, ‘Look, Gowdy, let go of the prosecutor stuff.’ I still think that Mueller can produce a product that we all have confidence in, but things like this, make it really difficult — the perception is, is every bit as important as the reality, and if the perception is, you’re employing people who are biased, it makes us really difficult for those of us that would like to defend the integrity of former prosecutors.”

Watch the incredible clip here:

Twitter responded immediately:

Do you agree with Trey Gowdy that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation lacks credibility? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.


Thomas is a movement conservative and American patriot. He has a vigorous blue-collar, Jacksonian attitude with a skeptical eye toward pop culture and political correctness. He’s not afraid to sound the alarm about America’s rapid decline. He has worked on political campaigns for over a decade at every level of government.

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  • Strzok needs to be terminated from the FBI immediately. Mueller needs to go too, he’s been one of the dirtiest cops around. Strzok can’t work for an agency like the FBI with him being so biased & prejudiced against Trump. Way too much corruption in the FBI.

  • Why should it take this long for Mueller to wrap up his investigation? Obviously, there's nothing there.

  • Mueller has taken more "detours" than a dad-burned sneaky fox trying to evade the mad Property owner who's lost all his "chickens"!

  • Having given Mueller enough rope, he is hanging himself. The tragedy is that he is impugning, and dragging down with him, the FBI, the DOJ, and by implication, the entire federal bureaucracy, the Executive, the Congress, and the Courts. A sliver of hope may lie in the hands of the anticipated report of the Departmental Inspector General already in the works. Sadly, like justice delayed, it is taking too much time. Its refinement, and perfection, may be the enemy of the good.

  • Mr. Gowdy, Please wear a protective vest. The Clinton / Obummer
    camp has NASTY performers in their ranks.
    I'm sure that you carry, and, being raised in S.C., you are firearm proficient.
    The STENCH of you patriots stirring the Washington swamp
    is getting stronger.
    God protect you, honest colleagues, and President Trump.

  • If Goiwdy dies, so will the entire Clinton family. Bill, Hillary, Cheslea and the baby. That's how "Chicago style" politics is played.

  • It sounds like Everyone who had anything to do with the Obama/Hillary admin. are corrupt to the core.

  • If a certain fowl has feathers, webbed feet, waddles, swims, and quacks, it would be safe to say; "IT'S a DUCK"! Mueller is biased, a closet Left Liberal, and his past history is rife with PROOF!

  • He’s not a prosecutor Karen & only has the power to investigate & make recommendations. It’s up to the Attorney General & DOJ to follow through with doing something & so far Sessions hasn’t done anything. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s working for the Deep State.

  • Robert Mueller himself is anti Trump. He worked for Obama and Clinton. D.T. Jr. didn't do anything wrong, and everyone knows it. That has already been proven. That "grilling" was a waste of time. It was nothing more than an attempt to force a false confession and give them something so they can "get Trump". I'm sick and tired of it. It's time to go after the actual PROVEN criminal, Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

    This is nothing more than a Democrat attempt to draw fire away from the Clinton crime family.

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