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Trey Gowdy Addresses FBI Agent Peter Strzok on Fox News

It’s incredible that the FBI’s probe into potential Russian collusion with members of the Trump campaign has resulted with the FBI unmasked as the villain in the whole ordeal, isn’t it?

This week, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes instructed his committee to cite the FBI in contempt of Congress. This historic move comes following the revelation that the FBI refused to turn over documents that explained why agent Peter Strzok was suddenly removed from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Strzok was a former deputy director for counterintelligence at the FBI. As it was discovered, Strzok had made a number of anti-Trump and pro-Hillary comments in his text messages that destroyed any possible facade of independence in the probe.

The exact texts have not yet been revealed, but Fox News reported that “Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller Mueller learned that Strzok had exchanged anti-Trump texts with a colleague.”

Strzok has been a key figure in House investigations when it comes to the chain of the events that led to the FBI obtaining Fusion GPS’ notorious anti-Trump dossier. Investigators were contacted by an informant suggesting that there was “documentary evidence” that Strzok was purportedly obstructing the House probe into the dossier.

While Strzok’s removal from the Mueller team had been publicly reported in August, the Justice Department never disclosed the anti-Trump texts to the House investigators. Pretty important information for the public to know, don’t you think? Trey Gowdy certainly does, tweeting out yesterday “The Bureau has had a really bad last 18 months. This makes it worse.”

Gowdy was linking to the article below, detailing how Strzok altered the language James Comey would use when exonerating Hillary.

He later appeared on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier to discuss Flynn’s guilty plea, and how important it is that the FBI remain independent. “People have the right to assume the people who are investigating them [at the FBI] are objective and have not already made up their mind. The Bureau has had a really bad last 18 months. This makes it worse. What we want are the documents — not the drama. When you go to a floor fight on contempt of Congress, it is inherently political. What we really want is the information and access to the witnesses.”

Regarding Comey, he said “I have read every one of Comey’s memos. They would be defense ‘Exhibit A’ in an obstruction of justice case. Not prosecution ‘Exhibit A’ – defense ‘Exhibit A’.”

Watch below:

That was so epic!

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