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State Department Just Issued A MAJOR Terror Warning For U.S. Citizens – It’s Happening!

Travel warning

The United States State Department has issued a serious terrorism warning for American citizens living in Gaza.

This happened after Israel bombed Islamic terrorist targets in the Gaza region over the weekend, in response to deadly rocket fire.

The State Department is telling Americans to evacuate the region… immediately!

Washington regularly updates warning notices to Americans traveling to and living in countries around the world.

In the case of Gaza, the State Department warned against “all travel” to the territory and “urges those present to depart as soon as possible when border crossings are open.”

It had issued a similar warning in December 2015.

Since January, 14 rockets fired from Gaza have hit Israeli territory, the military said.

The border area has remained tense since the July-August 2014 war between Israel and Gaza militants that killed more than 2,200 Palestinians and 73 people on the Israeli side.

“Gaza is under the control of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization. The security environment within Gaza and on its borders is dangerous and volatile,” the State Department said in its warning Tuesday.

Via Breitbart

Clearly, Israel is busy fighting the same Islamic terrorists that President Barack Obama has ignored for 8 years. Terrorism is happening more frequently, and now Americans are not safe.

This is a breaking news story. We will update this as more details become available.