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TRAGIC: A Police Officer Kills Criminal in Line of Duty – You Have to See His Response (VIDEO)

Last April in Montana, Police Officer Grant Morrison shot and killed Richard Ramirez (38 years old) at a traffic stop. Ramirez, who was using methamphetamine, reached for his waistband, which the Officer thought was a gun.

The real-time video (below) shows the very human reaction of Morrison, who is simultaneously stunned and saddened by what happened. Even though Ramirez refused to comply with the officer and put the officer’s life at risk, no one wants to take another life. He was doing his job, which is to keep law-abiding citizens and himself safe from harm.

A jury at a coroner’s inquest determined Wednesday that a Montana police officer was justified in shooting and killing an unarmed man high on methamphetamine during a traffic stop.

The ruling came after Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison testified he feared for his life when he fired the three shots that killed 38-year-old Richard Ramirez.

The five-year police veteran said he became convinced that Ramirez had a gun after the man reached for his waistband during their 30-second encounter last April in a high-crime area of Montana’s most populous city.

“I knew in that moment, which later was determined to be untrue, but I knew in that moment that he was reaching for a gun,” Morrison said. “I couldn’t take that risk… I wanted to see my son grow up.”

via Yahoo

Police officers have feelings too. Just because their job is very dangerous doesn’t mean such tough calls aren’t painful. Officer Morrison is lucky that it wasn’t a gun, and it’s a good thing the entire incident was caught on video, because unscrupulous trial attorneys could try to take advantage of the situation for financial gain.

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