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Tragic News About Harrison Ford Was Just Announced – Please Pray!


A Disney-owned production company has been fined almost $2 million for breaching safety regulations on the set of the new Star Wars movie.

Ford, who is 74 years old, was knocked to the ground and pinned down by the heavy door on the Millennium Falcon. He was crushed and broke his leg… It could have easily killed him.

This is tragic:

He could have been killed by the door on the set of the Millennium Falcon spaceship which crushed him like a ‘blunt-edged guillotine’, a court heard.

Hollywood star Ford, who was aged 71 at the time, was reprising his role as Han Solo when he was hit by the hydraulic door, which had been designed to mimic the action of a door on the original set.

It acted like a ‘blunt guillotine’, coming down ‘millimetres from his face’ at a speed of just 1.6 seconds, as the star passed underneath. He was pinned by the pelvis to the ground as a result.

Ford suffered a broken tibia and fibula, a dislocated ankle and a cut hand in the incident, while his sidekick Chewbacca’s safety was also endangered.

The Health and Safety Executive said the power of the rapidly closing metal-framed door meant Ford was hit with a power comparable to the weight of a small car.

Staff reacted quickly to engage an emergency stop button but they were not quick enough to prevent it coming down with ‘enormous’ force, the court heard.

It was halted ‘about eight inches from the floor’, pinning the actor down.


Let us pray for Harrison Ford as he recovers from this serious injury.