dnc email
The recent news has been absolutely overcome by the DNC email leak published by Wikileaks, which show how the corrupt Democratic National Committee colluded with the Hillary camp to silence Bernie Sanders supports and steal the election.

But now that they have been caught red-handed and they’re trying to blame Russia, there’s a question they REALLY don’t want to answer!

And this popular meme puts it out there perfectly:

dnc email

Ever since the revelations came out from Wikileaks, the Hillary camp has been accusing the Russians of leaking out the emails, but the big elephant in the room that no one wants to address is Hillary’s complete incompetence.

IF they’re right and the Russian government was able to hack the Democrats’ email accounts and sway the American election by dumping all this information on the American public, then why the hell should we trust the Democrats with more power?!

They’re basically already admitting that they’re incapable of competently running the government, so why should we vote for them?!

Here’s more:

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