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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Barbara says:

    Another one? Closer to 60. When are they going to go straight to her. Everyone knows. This is got to stop. Important people are dying. For not reason except they know the truth.

  2. tenorlord says:

    Long on innuendo & cherry-picked “facts”.
    This article is like a text version of “In Search Of..” starring Leonard Nimoy: “Could this be the flipper from the Loch Ness monster that Nostradamus predicted Hillary would use as a murder weapon?”

    1. Rodney says:

      Hitlary is dying anyway. They’re planning a fake assassination. Hitlary and Bill are serial rapists and genocidal, murdering maniacs. What planet are you living on tenorlord? narnia? lmao Explain the dozens of other murdered humans that all lead back to Bonnie and Clyde Clinton? Another arrogant, willfully ignorant boob.

  3. Pete says:

    I used to think the FBI couldn’t be bought. Not any more. With Mr. Comey giving Hillary a free pass on what should be multiple felony charges, I believe he has done tremendous damage to the FBI’s reputation as an uncorruptible law enforcer. Hillary has bought the FBI lock stock and barrel, and Comey let her do it.

  4. Shirley says:

    it’s not what you know but what you can prove in court.

  5. MarkusAllen says:

    Did the lawsuit ever proceed even without Ashe attending?

    1. MarkusAllen says:

      I read it. The trial has been postponed.

  6. Sandy says:

    I must say the Clinton’s bear a striking resemblance to the Underwoods in “House of Cards” the Netflix series, or is “House of Cards” based on their lives???

  7. Jeff says:

    Makes me wonder about Scalia’s death too. The timing is very suspicious.

  8. Lorena says:

    THE VERY LONG LIST OF SUSPICIOUS DEATHS of those who went up against the Clintons and mysteriously died. Add one or two more. After all to Hillary “What does it Matter”? She is so corrupt and smug in thinking herself untouchable, above the law. The long and winding trail of death behind her her will end soon. She might not be convicted of this death directly, but they got Al Capone on tax evasion and like him her reign of corruption and death will end. Not in a big bang case but in a clerical whisper. Justice will be served.

  9. David says:

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have had Mob Connections since their Arkansas days.
    “Dead men tell no tales” … Mob Hitmen take care of the Clinton’s “Dirty Work”

  10. Nunnaur says:

    Speaking hypothetically of course, if you had a “foundation” taking in the kind of money say, I don’t know, the Clinton Foundation does, your foundation was paying out the minuscule benefits we know some foundations do, it would seem obvious there would be plenty left lying around to hire the best hit-men on the planet, I mean, you know, if there really are people who are willing to murder for pay and you really did need to silence someone, or, someones, or just for argument’s sake, a few dozen or so someones.

  11. Marilyn says:

    Very suspicious. Who’s next?

  12. Allen says:

    This has happened more then once in her past. It kinda reminds me of AL Capone.

  13. Allen says:

    It doesn’t have to be Hillary Clinton Herself, Just their political machine.

  14. Carole T. says:

    Hillary must have a whole closet of voodoo dolls just waiting for the pin of death to the heart. The Clintons have left a trail of suspicious deaths and IRS harassment of “bimbos” and Tea Party naysayers. Cross the Clintons at your own peril.

  15. Vc says:

    No further details provide, but yes of course, this HAS to be tied to the Clintons, and to prove it, it warrants an 8 million $$$ “investigation”. By God, if it can’t be done by hook or by crook, just keep throwing money at it, till we break the Clintons …. or the US treasury trying.

  16. william says:

    My god, does anyone think all these associations of death, murder, suicide and corruption could possibly be coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

  17. Rich says:

    Justice Scalia’s death and now this guy I guess it must be coincidence.

  18. Rich says:

    Just serendipity…Right? Justice Scalia’s death and now this guy. Just serendipity.

  19. mike says:

    “Nothing happens by accident in Politics.” FDR

  20. Joan says:

    The Clinton have left two dead bodies in their wake!

  21. David says:

    And the list keeps getting longer folks. What list? Oh, the list of people murdered to promote the global agenda. You know the agenda that the “elite” want, 6.5 billion of us dead. Well, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the old saying go “Cut off the head and the whole snake dies”? There has to be some assassins who are still loyal to the idea of the USA. There still has to be a God fearing man or woman who can shoot. Doesn’t there?

  22. Burnel says:

    Has anyone here read the Clinton Chronicles?

  23. Butcher99 says:

    And speaking of HIllary, why is there no big story on PI about Trey Goudy being able to pin anything on Hillary. The inquisition has ended with the worst thing the commission could say was “you will have to read it and make up your own mind.” 10 million dollars and all they can come up with is telling you something you have already done?
    And you vote for these fools? That makes you an even bigger fool
    Your own commission. Run by your favorite lap dog and again he found nothing. Maybe there is nothing there to find, or are you going to have another commission?

  24. John says:

    Westchester County’s medical examiner, said the cause of death – traumatic asphyxia – was determined during an autopsy, though she did not perform the procedure herself and did not have additional details. yeah

  25. Joe says:

    The CIA has been heart attacking people for decades.

  26. Timothy says:

    Hillary has been the constant victim of being blamed for all these suicide and accidental deaths. When are people going to stop picking on this, dear, sweet, innocent little cherub…who only wants to use her vast experience to bring our nation to greatness, under her well seasoned leadership?…….I think……….I think, I just threw up in my mouth…I can’t even be sarcastic without getting sick. Can’t wait to get the secret service agent book, where he was an eye witness to “goodie, goodie Hilly” and her mean vicious uncontrollable, off camera temper.

  27. Bill says:

    And Larry. If you believe Snopes guess Santa and the tooth fairy are close seconds and thirds

  28. Bill says:

    Paul. My advice is find a comfortable chair. You have a long wait.
    Being friends with the Clintons may be hazardous to ones health.

  29. Richard says:

    Old penitentiary trick . A couple hold him down and another drops the bar. You DO NOT drop the bar on your own throat . Period . It just DOES NOT happen . Period . Anybody who thinks it CAN happen #1 has never lifted , and #2 is an idiot . PERIOD .

  30. James says:

    Suicide by Hillary?

  31. Idadho says:

    Most politicians have a closet with skeletons. The Clintons continue to fill a cemetery with skeletons.

  32. Paul says:

    open to the idea but waiting for some real journalism

  33. Max says:

    supposedly due to a heart attack, is having the reason for death brought into question.

    There is no honor, no integrity, and little honesty in the propaganda and misleading reports you put out as a means to promote fear, hatred and confusion in your ranks. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you and Fox “News” et al.

    From Snopes (Check their links if you don’t believe them):

    <a href=http://www.snopes.com/un-official-john-ashe-killed-the-day-before-he-was-to-testify-against-hillary-clinton/Ashe's corruption trial wasn't set to begin just days after his death, and he wasn't going to testify against Hillary Clinton.

    Please try to find a molecule of integrity and try printing the whole truth now and then. He was NOT scheduled to testify against Clinton.

    1. Richard says:

      No he was not to testify at “Hillary’s” criminal trial , yet . She hasn’t been charged , yet . But it was hoped that a link the Clintons would of been uncovered in this one of many , many , many , many scandals that always magically appear whenever those two are around . But , another body , and more Clinton fans with excuses. When will you people realize that their corruption empire is bringing this once great nation to it’s knees ? They sell us out to China , Russia , the middle east , N. Korea and YOUR children & grandchildren will pay the final cost !

      1. Vc says:

        Jesus Christ. How is it the Clintons faults that right wing nut jobs have full time jobs creating many, many, many, many Clinton scandals and now, by your own admssion, you sheeple were sitting, hoping wishing and waiting that he would somehow be a “link” to an imaginary trial for an imaginary crime. I wouldn’t blame the Clintons if they felt like having someone snuffed over all this bull fertilizer. Utter insanity. You’re vultures! IF the man was “murdered”, it had nothing to do with the Clintons and news flash, when Hillarys potus, she’s not going to have time to be at your beck and call for hide and seek investigations!

  34. Larry says:

    Sic Semper Tyrannus
    Tyrannus Clintonus
    WIKI WHERE ARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

  35. mesaman says:

    Who should you believe? A out and out pathological liar? Or Hildebeest Clinton, the wicked witch of the south? How silly of me. They are one and the same.

  36. Stephen says:

    Anybody remember Vince Foster?

  37. Manny says:

    Ashe’s lawyer Jeremy Schneider said he is sure Ashe’s death was an accident. “There is not one iota of evidence that it was homicide. This is nothing at all like Vince Foster” What he meant is nthat he knows for a fact that what happened to Vince Foster was not an accident.

    1. Mimi says:

      You’re right—I just retyped yesterday the list of suspicious deaths of people who were around the Clintons—there are 46 of them—one supposed friend was found decapitated but the coroner ruled it a *natural death*—REALLY? Not even an accident with that one! Most of the people who died were either shot–as most were–or a car crash–and several plane crashes—like Ron Brown–all died but he had a gunshot wound to the top of his head—accident–no way!
      This woman simply CAN’T be the next potus–now or ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Pj says:

    I see the tinfoil hat crowd is back

  39. Tim says:

    Well shock me!

  40. Anon says:

    “Just another frickin’ coincidence”….. ( whenever it comes to the Clintons )

  41. Yadja says:

    We have Scalia with death by pillow, the Libertarian candidate dead and now this guy. More like Stalin’s Russia daily folks.

    See something say something and watch out for pillows, crushed throats and hear attacks.

  42. Von says:


  43. Casey says:

    GOOGLE: “People connected to the Clintons who are dead” – – READ the SOURCES – – or – – just ask Vince Foster – – THIS has been happening for YEARS – – and YOU SILLY FOOLS WANT HER TO BE PRESIDENT

  44. Vangie says:

    LORD I ask in Your Name that Nothing be hidden and Nothing be lost. Bring everything out of the Darkness and into the Light. With Every Single Death that has happened of Every Single Person. There’s 46 People that have died under the Clinton Regime and their Blood Cries out to You for Justice. LORD do not let any one get a way with these Murder’s no Matter who they are. In YESHUA/JESUS NAME AMEN.

    1. Vangie says:

      With that said it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out what happened.

  45. Jim says:

    Also, one should read the Snopes account.

  46. Jim says:

    In this case, no definite evidence exists that it was a murder and Ashe’s own lawyer disagrees with the theory.

    Smart man… apparently he wants to wake up tomorrow with an uncrushed throat.

    1. mike says:

      Oh yeah, “remember it was an accident,or else.”

  47. Trudy says:

    The one thing that none of them can escape is the will of God. He has a way of dealing with people and situations that no one can control. When the time is right he will do what needs to be done. It may not be pretty when it happens. Anyone of them that fly and could get killed in an auto accident, which is out of their control. It is just a matter of when.

  48. Emilie says:


  49. Will says:

    HOW MANY PEOPLE will the clintons have to kill to protect themselves.. and what about the two gays in obastards chruch who died under weird circumstances… one was abvout to speak out against obama… its time to get rid of these murderors.. life means nothing to them but their own

  50. Dave In Arizona says:

    Word has it, the Dobbs Ferry medical examiner had declared the cause of Ashe’s death to be of natural causes. The ME was heard saying to ignore the three bullet holes in the back of his head.

  51. Brian D. says:

    . . . a “Lose End”, being TIED OFF. A “Crushed Windpipe”, is NOT a heart attack . . .

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  53. Rose says:

    How many does this make??? Absolutely Clinton’s deadly response to anyone who DARES to upset her very evil, deadly career!!

  54. Rich says:

    The dead bodies just keep piling up, I wonder when the libtard idiots will see right through this evil witch?

    1. Donald says:

      Rich, are you kidding. The libs that I know cheer every time the Clintons kill one of their enemies. There is no moral compass.The libs think Hillary can do no wrong and an inconvenient murder or two is perfectly OK with them because the “end justifies the means” in their pea size brains.

  55. Voncile says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have to live with these crimes they commit or the lies they tell …no! wonder we have climate change the ground in the earth gets hotter each day for the souls that is going into hell and is becoming hotter and hotter—I use to walk in my bear feet now can’t even take my shoes off. all their crimes they have committed will answer and pay for all these years she has gotten away with what ever without any conviction but there is a higher power conviction for her

  56. Desert Fox says:

    The clintons have to be the most corrupt and dangerous political family in the United States, and I hope they are written up as such in history books. All you have to do is connect the dots and you’ll finds that this figure 46 is probably low knowing how these people operate to always come out on top. God help us if this evil, foul mouthed, lying, crooked britch is elected. Even if you are not a TRUMP fan, he sure as hell is better than killary. And believe me she has earned that name and not just for Benghazi.

  57. KakoColon says:

    Add one more to the long list of death close to the Clinton’s. For some reason people tend to die around them under suspicions circumstances and so happen they are those that know something wrong that can put them in jail if not the death penalty for crimes they order. Remind me of the “Corleone” family the only difference is that is her instead of him…. Even thought he (Bill) is as guilty as she is. Even the FBI. CIA, DOJ and all of them are under her control. We all know that… That’s the only reason they have not being prosecuted…. If the Clinton’s come down… she will bring “all of them down….” They “ALL” have skeletons in their closet, it remind me of “Edgar Hoover” even the presidents were panic of him.

  58. odele says:

    The Clinton hit squad at it again. How is it that several dozen people can mysteriously die around the clintons–at opportune times–and nobody questions it????

  59. Stefan says:

    We can expect more of the same.

  60. Grizz says:

    Just a coincidence. Nothing new here, He will be voting for Hillary yet.

  61. Len says:

    Guns didn’t kill 49 and wound/injure another 53 LGBT Community Members – U.S. citizens, Barack Obama did. And Barack Obama did it knowingly and with full malice and intent. My only question is why am I the only one saying it. Out of fear of reprisal, or out of fear of complicity, the results are the same, and I believe the latter is true in the Democrats circle, and the prior is true in the Republican circle.

    “Fast & Furious”, and appropriate name for Obama’s beginning salvo on the anti-gun control, 2nd Amendment supporters as Barack Obama came into power with the entire U.S. government now under his control. An early death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, a U.S. citizen, a U.S. law enforcement officer.

    Oops, “Collateral Damage”, you can’t wage a war without loses of lives. Not even a blip on Barack Obama’s conscience, a President must be able and ready to send U.S. citizens into “Harm’s Way” knowing there will be deaths and casualties. As of today there have been possibly 100s of deaths on both sides of the border from Obama & Holder’s illegal gun scheme – but they both sleep well at night.

    Now, 10 days or more back Obama’s greatest Gun Control scam and murderous campaign against U.S. citizens. Latino & Black minority members, LGBT Community members.

    Be their hero. Grant their basic desire to be recognized at the highest level of our government. Grant LGBT Transgender members to ability to use the sex of their choice bathrooms nationwide by Executive Directive. What a stroke of genius. Create a “Conservative” uproar. Fake left, pass right. What a move of subversive splendor. But let’s truly look and see hoe premeditated the outcome and deception really was.

    1st since 2009 issue 832,000 Muslim faith specified Permanent Resident Green Cards. Muslims conditioned in the Islamic faiths “Sharia Law: teachings. So much so that many believe “Sharia Law” replace the U.S. Constitution. That the U.S. Constitution is a false document of rule. Really. Now… Force every Muslim Community in the United States to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, and LGBT members worse yet. Barack Obama purposely and with full malice and intent forced Muslim families to use bathrooms with members of the opposite sex, purposely breaking a doctrine of Islam’s “Sharia Law”. Unthinkable.

    Barack Obama knowingly killed those 49/50 fellow U.S. citizens and did so with full malice and intent. That Barack Obama. whether a Christian or Muslim, knew what he was doing and committed premeditated murder. And there is no limit on murder in our U.S. court system of justice.

    Barack Obama is a cold-blooded murderer just as if he stood next to Mateen and pulled the trigger of a second rifle or set of handguns. Just “Collateral Damage” – Just like the deaths from Obama’s “Fast & Furious’ campaign to meet his narrow-focused Gun Control agenda needs.

    Hillary Rodman Clinton, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and the Democratic Congressional Leaders are not idiots. They all knew or were/are aware. They are all complicit in the Orlando Florida Massacre and the Fast & Furious deaths that took place and are still taking place. And they all are pointing in the other direction shouting “Look over there – the guns killed them, the guns killed them.”

    No, Barack Obama Killed all of them, and the Democrats are all complicit of mass murder.

    1. Stefan says:

      I am sure that there are many who think like you do but are quiet. They should also be reminded that “For evil to triumph all good people have to do is nothing” Statesman Burke.

    2. Terri says:

      Obama has certainly been following in her shoes. Many killings have happened just as he has been about to pass something that has been voted down. Wake up, America!! We can’t have the teacher of the criminal-in-chief in his place!!

  62. Marsha says:

    I don’t get it. 43 deaths attributed to them? Well, when is the FBI/CIA/Police whoever, going to get serious about this and find out the truth? This is pathetic. I am not surprised at another death. I just hope Trump has enough security around him. This is probably why Bernie Sanders has turned tail and stopped battling with her. He knows she’s dangerous to people she considers a threat so he’s decided to back down.

  63. Old Vet says:

    YES, why do you think Pagliano is pleading the 5th??

  64. Sally says:

    EXTREMELY suspicious indeed! Could HC have the blood of another individual on her hands?

  65. Adrian says:

    The Clintons were suspects in the deaths opf 43 people during their tenure in Arkansas as well as the death of Vince Foster. This is the way they operate.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  66. William says:

    Where Hillary and/or the Clintons are concerned, anything is possible and probable.

  67. James says:

    Just another in a long list of Clinton victims.

  68. Valerie says:

    This is sad for his family, I fully send prayers to them.
    Wow and the death sadly had to happen. WHY Well as far as I am with my thoughts. Look into the most evil, hated, dishonest, corrupt female in our time AND is running to president. Sorry can’t arrest me for saying people that get in the way end up dead. No one will ever make me think different. Too many connecting Hacks in Government to cover up everything and she comes out clean.
    AS this Rotten women will say with the death of people in her political life.
    People need to wake up…

  69. Dave says:

    It is shocking that the voters are stupped enough to over look this

  70. Dave says:

    How many people are the clintons going to murder before people wise up to this corrupt couple

  71. Nick says:

    Another victim of the butcher of Benghazi. How many more will we see before the public wakes up?

  72. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    This makes 48 in the list of convenient deaths associated with the TRAMP. It started in Arkansas where is it gonna end?.

  73. Joan says:

    Heart Attacks can be MADE to occurr using the right stimulant!!! If this man’s death is ruled “accidental” or Heart Attack, as far as I’m concern this man died the same way as 46 others that were connected to the Clintons misdeeds.

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