Tomi Lahren Goes Off On John Legend’s Anti-Cop Tweet

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Liberals will jump at any opportunity to push their divisive agenda, and that’s exactly what John Legend did when he recently proclaimed on Twitter that police officers routinely shoot black people “for no f***ing reason.”

Legend made the vile statement in response to an Associated Press report that a Pennsylvania golf club called the police on a group of black women who refused to leave the course after being told they were taking too long in their game. “At the second hole, a white man whose son co-owns the club came up to them twice to complain that they weren’t keeping up with the pace of play,” the report said.

Legend chimed in a few hours later, and rather than stop short at accusing the general populace of run-of-the-mill racism, he decided to go full tilt and accused the police of being proponents of racially-based murder.

The tweet promptly exploded with deserved backlash – but none were so fired up as conservative commentator Tomi Lahren.

Lahren also posted a video response on social media. “I’m so sick of these celebrities spewing their anti-cop rhetoric. I’m not saying any of this to change the mindset of John Legend or Kaepernick,” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m saying it because the men and women in BLUE can’t say it but they deserve a voice.”

Lahren couldn’t be more right. The left has spent years building a narrative that the police are racist pigs who are out to help no one but themselves. But the truth is that no one is more selfless than our men and women in blue. It’s about time someone stood up for them and everything they do on a daily basis to keep our communities safe.

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