DNC Chair Tom Perez Refuses To Use The Term ‘Blue Wave’ On CNN

Nick Givas on October 22, 2018

DNC Chairman Tom Perez wouldn’t use the term “blue wave” to describe the upcoming November midterms on CNN’s “New Day” Monday and said the race for the House will be tight, but Democrats will come out winning.

“We always knew that this election was going to be close. I don’t use the term ‘blue wave,’” Perez said.

“I always talk about the need for the blocking and tackling. I always talk about the need for organizing to make sure you’re leading with your values. And that’s how we have been winning throughout this year and throughout 2017, is talking about those key issues that matter most,” he said.

Perez is confident of a Democratic takeover in the House but said taking back the Senate is a tall order. He also said Democrats need to focus on health care and must highlight how Republicans want to cut back on social programs like Medicare.

“What we need to do is make sure we turn out our votes and turn out our voters by organizing,” Perez continued.

“We turn out our voters by making sure we’re continuing to talk about the key issues: health care, health care, health care, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid. The Republicans want to cut this. They want to make sure that if you have a pre-existing condition you are out of luck. Democrats want to make sure that health care is a right for all,” he said.

Perez said the DNC is specifically targeting Latino voters because they have been “demonized” and disenfranchised by President Donald Trump.

“We’ve been aggressively courting every voter, including but not limited to Latino voters. I was out in Las Vegas last week, and we have organized and registered more Latino voters,” he added.

“Let’s be honest. I mean Donald Trump has put the fear of god into a lot of Latino voters. He’s demonized them. He debases them and he wants them to stay home. We’re not going to allow that to happen.”

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