Another one bites the dust.

Minutes ago, the White House announced that Tom Bossert, a homeland security adviser, has resigned.

Bossert has never been close to President Trump and was brought in initially to assist former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. But after Flynn resigned, Bossert never had a set place within the Administration.

Here’s a breakdown via Axios’ Jonathan Swan:

Senior staff were initially worried about former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, and thought somebody was needed to “keep an eye on him.” Bossert was partly brought in to fulfill that role, and focused more on domestic terrorist threats. But it never worked out that way, as Flynn was gone in a matter of weeks. Then General H.R. McMaster came in and essentially pushed that part of his job aside. He had a very important role on natural disasters, but very different than what he was brought in to do.

Fox News’ John Roberts reports that Bossert’s leaving was actually pushed by new National Security Advisor John Bolton:

This makes sense. Bolton just started his job yesterday. He’s likely cleaning house to establish his own team within the West Wing.

Look for more shakeups in the West Wing similar to this in the future. Trump has made or enabled so many personnel changes in the past year, and many working for the Administration won’t be happy.

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