Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC News last month after serving just one year out of a three-year, $69 million contract. Kelly’s termination came following a controversial segment on her show where she defended blackface. NBC’s massive investment didn’t pan out – and interestingly enough, now that she’s out, the “TODAY” show’s ratings are already on the upswing.

According to Variety:

“Since Kelly’s exit from the third hour of ‘Today,’ viewership in the key demographic favored by advertisers in that time period is up around 10%, according to Nielsen. In its last week on air, “Megyn Kelly Today” captured 675,000 viewers between 25 and 54, according to Nielsen, and approximately 2.52 million viewers overall. Last week, the third hour of “Today” snared 741,000 viewers between 25 and 54 and more than 2.63 million viewers overall, representing jumps of about 10% and 4%.”

While Kelly was relatively unpopular on the network, most viewers disagreed with her termination. A survey from a Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll found that while only 21 percent of viewers had a favorable view of Kelly, only 26% agreed with the decision to fire her, and 45% found it “too harsh.” Still, while most disagreed with NBC’s reason for firing her, people still didn’t want to tune into her show.

What’s next for Kelly?

A return to Fox News is unlikely for Kelly – a high-level source at Fox told the Daily Mail that Kelly “is not coming back to any of the Fox News platforms.”

While she may not return to Fox, since her firing, Kelly has defended two Fox employees that were recently harassed (Tucker Carlson and Kat Timpf), and prior to her termination, Fox’s Janice Dean defended Kelly.

If not Fox, it’s a mystery what network could possibly want Kelly. The immediate drag she put on NBC’s ratings after joining (and reversal after her termination) isn’t exactly promising for a network looking for a new hire. Kelly debuted on NBC with a Sunday night show that was canceled after eight episodes (in what was supposed to be a 10 episode season). She was then repurposed and put on the third hour of the TODAY show, and immediately sunk their ratings 32% lower than they were a year before she joined.

If even Fox doesn’t want her back, it’s because they too believe the network is better off without her.