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Tim Kaine Walks Into VP Debate, IMMEDIATELY Gets Bad News! BREAKING NEWS


Tim Kaine is a boring choice for Hillary Clinton’s VP. But one thing of note is that he has an interesting history on the abortion issue.

Kaine promotes his Catholicism, yet is staunchly pro-abortion. This shocking inconsistency is why Kaine showed up to the debate tonight and was immediately met by abortion protests.

All life is sacred and worth protecting, but Kaine doesn’t believe it. That’s because Planned Parenthood has helped fund his decades of campaigns and other Democrats in Congress.

This is awesome!

On my way into Longwood University for Tuesday night’s one and only vice presidential debate, I spotted a protester wearing an anti-Tim Kaine shirt targeting the Virginia senator’s abortion record. A Washington Times reporter also found Catholic protesters who traveled several miles to tell Kaine he’s giving their faith a bad name.

“He says he’s a devout Catholic, but he’s not. He is 100 percent pro-abortion,” she said. “The lie that he perpetuates that ‘I’m personally against it.’ That is a lie because if you are against it you don’t vote for it 100 percent of the time.”

Kaine, who identifies as Catholic, has frustrated many voters by recently flip flopping on the Hyde Amendment. The law, which just turned 40, prohibits taxpayer funds from going toward abortion. Kaine had been in favor of the amendment for years and says he’s “personally opposed” to abortion, yet after becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate, he seemed to fall more in line with her pro-abortion agenda.

via Townhall.com
It’s clear that a Hillary Clinton White House would appoint the most pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices possible, while endorsing unrestricted access to abortion.

This issue alone should disqualify Clinton and Kaine from holding higher office. We must protect innocent life, and abortion is murder.

This is a breaking story. We will update this as more details become available.