Tim Allen, famous for his role as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on Home Improvement, has another hit show on television.

And in a recent interview, he just made it clear he’s NO fan of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill.

He just compared the Clintons – who are famous for their criminal activity – to HERPES!

WOW. This is epic!

What riles you up the most?

Unearned responses, unearned praise, unearned income: I have opinions about it. When you watch the debates, on both sides you see clowns who say shit that ain’t ever going to happen, but lately one party is the free shit party. They are just telling people they’re going to get all sorts of free shit. When you say you’re going to get free education, free health care — f—, free brown loafers — of course everybody’s going to say yes to that. But you don’t mean it. That’s how you rack up debt, and debt is killing us. Whatever party is going to get us out of debt is my party.

So you’re not opposed to Trump?

I’m not opposed to anybody if their workload matches their bull**** load.

Why has the show gone after Hillary but not Trump?

It’s a little surprising to me. We have a very liberal writing staff, so I’m surprised they haven’t taken a shot at him. But we’re not sure he’s going to last, whereas the Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.

Incredible! That’s what bold, fearless comedy is all about… And it’s 100% accurate!

Tim Allen’s new show, Last Man Standing, is known for making fun of liberals and Obama. Check this out!

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