Flashback: Tiffany Trump Shows Up Hillary Clinton At Billionaire Wedding

Tiffany Trump Hillary Clinton
Source YouTube: CNBC, MSNBC

A star-studded wedding took place in New York City over the weekend when Sophie Lasry, daughter of hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry, married financier Alex Swieca. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to Bill and Hillary Clinton were in attendance.

Speaking of Hillary, her choice of wardrobe was… interesting:


Is this a step forward or backward from her usual pantsuit uniform? I’m honestly not sure.

President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, was also at the wedding. And just like her step-mother Melania, she proved that the Trumps are the best dressed First Family we’ve had in decades. Tiffany wore a sparkling navy form-fitting gown, which you can see below:

As there were hundreds of people at the wedding, it’s safe to assume that Hillary and Tiffany might have never even crossed paths. But if they had, I can only imagine their interaction. Hopefully Tiffany asked Hillary, “What happened?”

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