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Anti-Trump Thugs Block Downtown Train and Bus, Face Riot Police!

Donald J.Trump has been president for approximately one week, and liberals continue to protest his election across the country. Each day we hear new and disturbing stories of leftist causing problems, damaging property and disrupting the public.

In Portland, Oregon, anti-Trump thugs tried to “protest” the new President by completely blocking a downtown bus and a train on a busy Wednesday afternoon. However, the Portland police saw this risk and immediately took action. These thugs were in for quite a surprise!

Watch the full incident (here). This is crazy!

As KGW reported:

Portland police arrested 14 people for their actions during small protests throughout the city Wednesday afternoon.

A group initially blocked the intersection at Southwest 6th Avenue and Yamhill Street, near Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Officers moved in a little after 3:30 p.m. and made three arrests at that time. The intersection was reopened. Three more people were arrested in that area.

The police response had the crowd cheering:

At first, the protest started with the typical “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture while blocking traffic. Police raced to the scene and the crowds cheered as police cleaned up the chaos.

These radical protesters think it’s OK to risk people’s lives and infringe on other people’s rights in order to make their political statement. But that’s not “free speech,” that is criminal behavior. And the only thing that protects us from such heinous acts are the police.

Thank you to the Portland Police Department for keeping the streets safe! #BlueLivesMatter