Our police officers risk their lives everyday for our safety. Evil exists in every community, which is what one police officer found out when he was dragged into the woods by three thugs.

What started as a routine pulling-over of a car changed when Deputy Todd Frazier of Long Beach, Mississippi noticed a passed out man in the front seat of a car. Three thugs subsequently ambushed him, carried him away, and threatened to murder him by cutting his throat with a knife.

But that’s when Deputy Frazier’s police K-9 saved the day! What an amazing dog!

He said the men then planned on dumping the body after killing him.

When asked if the incident might have something to do with recent gangs stating they would attack any police officers they encountered on sight, Bass said: ‘At this point in time I don’t care.’

Regardless of their motivation, the men were quickly foiled when Frazier managed to unlock the back doors of his squad car using a pop mechanism that he activated on his key chain.

That sent Lucas, Frazier’s police dog, running after his owner and the men.

The dog bit at least one of the attackers before they ran off, jumping into the Town Car Frazier first stopped to inspect and speeding away from the scene.

Frazier suffered a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead from what a doctor believes was a box cutter and multiple other bodily injuries.

He was taken to a local hospital and released.

via The Daily Mail

These two make a great team, and we thank them both for their service:




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