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Thousands Show Up in California to “Resist” Trump in San Francisco

In San Francisco on the beach, liberals lined up along the Pacific Ocean to “resist” President Donald J. Trump.

The group spelled out “RESIST!!” and said in a written statement on Facebook: “This is a PEACEFUL, family-friendly rally open to all citizens and other humans of all visa and immigration statuses who would like to see the current President (and his whole administration) ushered out of the White House immediately.” They added, “With our bodies, we participants will spell out “RESIST!” in letters 100 feet tall — or maybe taller. A photographer and videographer will record our message from a helicopter, and photos and video should be in worldwide circulation by mid-afternoon.”

Here is video of the ridiculous protest in action:

But was it really peaceful? The group also met last week to call for impeachment:

But what are they resisting? A safer America, lower taxes, and smaller government?

Sorry, but these types of protests by people who can actually afford to live in San Francisco – and spend entire work days on a beach – won’t hurt President Donald J. Trump. In fact, they reemphasize the reasons he won.

President Obama’s only other career was as a community organizer. He governed by fanning the flames of racial hatred while growing government to a size that was once unimaginable.

A bunch of California lefties in a state that refuses to enforce America’s immigration laws sending messages with their bodies? Give me a break.

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