This Woman Claims Donald Trump STALKED & Tried To Seduce Her For TWO DECADES!

As voting begins in the Iowa caucuses today, social media is buzzing about a BOMBSHELL report from Selina Scott, an ITV reporter, who has made some shocking claims against conservative billionaire Donald Trump.

More than 20 years ago in 1995, she was assigned to create a 1-hour profile of Trump. She flew in Trump’s private jet and was called “beautiful” and noted how Trump likes “beautiful things:”

We were at 30,000ft on Trump’s private jet flying to Florida, when he showed me his white leather double bed. ‘I like beautiful things,’ he purred seductively. ‘That’s why I like you so much.’

This was just one of many revealing and excruciating moments during the two weeks I spent with Trump in 1995 while making a 60-minute profile of him for ITV – a fortnight which started with a charm offensive, but ended in bitterness, recrimination and intimidating letters that only stopped when I threatened legal action.

Her piece for the Daily Mail shows that she clearly hates Trump’s conservative principles and tough talk against illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists. She called him a “shark” and thinks Trump is lying to the voters of Iowa:

I prided myself on being a pragmatic interviewer, well versed in the wiles of those seeking to make a favourable impression on camera, but by now I was beginning to feel uneasy.

As I was paraded before Trump’s grinning acolytes, those words began to swim in my head.

‘Partner in the deal’? What did this mean? Did he think he had won me over and I was somehow incorporated into his publicity department, already wrapped up in his deluded sense of his own wonderfulness?

Trump was turning on the full wattage of what he perceived to be his irresistible charm to women, but there was a great deal more of this theatricality to come – as viewers of last week’s Channel 4 documentary The Madness Of Donald Trump would have seen.

The station broadcast an embarrassing clip with him dancing around me, saying: ‘Isn’t she beautiful? She doesn’t think she’s beautiful but she is beautiful,’ while I grimaced.

This flattery came shortly after our first meeting and was swiftly followed by Trump announcing: ‘She shares with [talk show host] Larry King an ability to charm and cajole you into revealing more than you intended. Also she’s a lot better looking.’

She also made the accusation that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, said Trump gave her the “creeps.”

She also believes he is hateful towards women:

So it is with some amusement that 20 years after I made that film, the giant NBC network in America has asked to buy my Channel 4 interview about Trump, including all unused footage, to put with my original documentary for imminent broadcast. There is little doubt that Trump sees me as his nemesis. The truth is I had moved on the minute I finished my film.

But he hasn’t, because he is a misogynist. I will never forget his vitriol when he told me about a female American broadcaster who he thought had done him down and his determination to get even with her.

And he concludes that America will see the “killer” mentality that his father passed onto him.

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  • This is TRASH journalism no matter who the intended target! Further, aside from being poorly written, it is such a pathetic attempt at a smear job it merely prompts the question of WHO is paying her? Could it be Cruz? RNC? Rubio? Seems clear that she is paid and that there is a desperate attempt to find something negative about Trump to focus on - however, this is a NON story - nothing here, nothing remotely socking or of significance! So time for these women to get back to servicing their "sponsor" and, well here's a thought - KEEP YOUR STUPID MOUTH SHUT and then you won't make an even bigger fool of yourself.

  • I'm thinking, so what? The only slightly brow raising issue that I see is that she chose the word, "Stalk". Wasn't she stalking The Donald? Didn't she spend two weeks with him? Publish those letters sweetie (oooppps, guess I must want to have sex with you). If you have letters, let's see them, if not, shut your hole. Even if you have letters, he had a right to pursue you until you made it clear that you weren't interested, so, so what? Hardly worth mentioning - am I right?

  • Oh great! Now he'll get a lot of democratic voters, after all, they voted for Clinton after he was accused of raping and sexually assaulting several women and lying about having a sexual relationship with Monica. Thanks Selina!

  • She is painfully ugly...not up to Trump's standards. She is lying. We also know for sure that Princess Di had a great friendship with Trump. Why even print a loser story like this. Unprofessional writing!

  • If this was so traumatizing to her she had the means to report it being a reporter after all. No she waits twenty years to say Mr. Trump was making a play for her. So what if he did, but I doubt it very much. She is looking for attention and most likely being paid. I thought reporters were supposed to be tough. This is just another BS story trying to throw dirt. Nice try but no cigar.

  • i think this woman is lying she states donald likes beautiful things well she is ugly so maybe she was wanting him to make advances but he wouldnt also wasnt this around the time he was with marla????

  • Pure Zio-media character assassination -- expect more of it. As Rush would say, they are telling who they fear most -- who we need to vote for. Let's just pray they don't try a physical assassination attempt, which is all to real a possibility. If they do, they will set up Muslims for blame -- no question. If there is a plus side, we know EXACTLY who is behind this and any other attack of its kind: Dual-citizen Israeli operatives.

  • This is just another scum bag "journalist" trying to get her face on TV to discuss how Trump "stalked" her 20 years ago. It took her 20 years to get any publicity over this bull***t. If this assh**e has anything to complain about it is that Trump wouldn't pay any attention to her since at the time he had dozens of women tripping over themselves to get his attention, and they were all far better looking than her.

  • Does not matter,, Trump has democrat immunity on this one,, If you don't have any standards you can't be held to account for breaking them.

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