This TOUGH Sheriff DESTROYS This Narrative from Barack Obama! (WATCH)

Rioting and looters appear to be calming down in Baltimore, but a new wave of anti-police protests have stirred up racial animosity and debate about supposed discrimination from our brave men and women in blue.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a patriot who happens to be black, STRONGLY disagreed and explained his case to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. The tough-talking sheriff believes that the concept of institutional racism in local police forces is because of bad reporting:

“The data doesn’t support this false narrative that’s been going on ever since the days of Ferguson.”

He also noted the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was debunked, and added:

You look at the research, and I’ve looked at a lot of it since then, because I wanted to make sure that there was no pattern here. There is no pattern. There is no credible evidence to support that law enforcement officers of any race use an inordinate amount of force against black males.

He is furious about President Barack Obama not standing up for the police force, and notes our Commander-in-Chief is “propagating this false narrative about how law enforcement treats black males and people in the black community.”

H/T: Newsbusters

But he gives more blame to ideological, left-wing journalists who will do anything to verify their anti-police biases.

Our police officers work every day to keep us safe. They risk their lives for low pay, and deserve our respect.

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