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This State Made a HUGE Move Against Companies Hiring Illegal Aliens!


The State of Indiana is debating sweeping legislation – Senate Bill 295- which would make it a serious crime for businesses who hire illegal aliens. The bill woudl set the standard for how states should handle the the immigration crisis created by President Barack Obama.

This is a big deal!

Indiana may crack down soon on employers who hire illegal immigrants, under a new bill that would prohibit those convicted of doing so from practicing business in the state.

The legislation, announced in the Indiana General Assembly last week, would enable judges to revoke business licenses from employers who repeatedly and “knowingly” hire illegal immigrants.

State Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, told IndyStar that he introduced the bill to strip financial incentives from employers “who profit off of illegal immigration.”

Jon Feere, a legal policy analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the legislation imposes “high stakes” on employers. He said it likely would spur more businesses to use E-Verify—the government database that matches an employee’s I-9 form to federal records for confirm legal eligibility to work.

via The Daily Signal

This is important, as businesses and their employees who manage the hiring should be held criminally responsible for breaking the laws. This type of illegal behavior has only encouraged millions more aliens to illegally cross the Southern border, while hurting America’s economy.

If you cut off the supply of jobs, the illegal immigrants will be forced to go home. This type of tough immigration law is essential for keeping our border secure! If only we had a President in the White House who opposed illegal immigration, too.

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