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This State Just Gave THOUSANDS Of Welfare Moochers THE BOOT!


Governor Scott Walker (R) of Wisconsin isn’t running for president anymore. But he’s back in his home state taking care of welfare abusers!

15,000 welfare moochers were dropped from their state’s FoodShare program (FSET) over the course of three months. This is because of a new requirement that mandates recipients prove they are looking for work. They’re supposed to find part time work (at least 80 hours per month) within 3 months of enrollment, which thousands have refused to comply with.

Since the successful program was rolled out in April, more than 60,000 have been booted from the food stamp program. That is almost 1/4th of all program enrollees, and such a massive clean up is long overdue!

Participants can get three months of FoodShare benefits before being kicked out of the program if they decline to look for work.

The data provide the first look at the effect of the work requirement, which lawmakers approved in 2013.[…]

In Wisconsin, about 770,000 people receive FoodShare benefits as of September, according to DHS.

The law automatically enrolls eligible recipients in a program designed to help them find employment called the FoodShare Employment and Training program.

In addition, Wisconsin recently passed a law which requires all welfare recipients to take drug tests in order to receive state support. These types of responsible programs have liberals furious!

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