This State Is Loading Up on These Signs and the Message Is LOUD and CLEAR

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton remains in the spotlight due to the media and the fact they just don’t want her to leave the stage. There are those of us who use common sense on a daily basis and the more it’s made clear that Hillary is completely and utterly unfit for office, the worse it’s going to get for her campaign. To push this point along, signs are being sold and are popping up across Missouri that Hillary is not going to like in the slightest.


Between her email server lies, Clinton Foundation money problems, Benghazi cover-ups, there’s no arguing that Hillary doesn’t like being held accountable for her actions and thinks she will get away with it. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly what’s proving to be her downfall as America is coming to this realization.



Beyond the countless rumors, claims, and conspiracy theories circling overhead the Clinton duo, it seems that the certain truths are more than enough to put Americans off. Despite this reality, there are a few citizens (who, unfortunately, have the right to vote despite their mental ineptitude) hell-bent on seeing America with its first female president.

America voted a president into office based off nothing more than a physical feature and history precedence. How did that work out for the country? I am optimistic they won’t do it again.

I welcome these signs in Missouri and every other state. Hopefully they fill every front yard from Maryland to California, but then again I can only wish.

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