Liberals are freaking out about conservative Senator James Inhofe’s (R-OK) bill which would make English the official language of America. This bill is long overdue!

As Senator Inhofe argues, one language “will strengthen the cords of unity” which bring the melting pot of America together, with one vision.

The bill requires the federal government to use English when acting with binding, legal authority, as well as during naturalization ceremonies.

“The United States’ culturally diverse population is what makes our nation great, and what helps us move forward together as a society is the ability to communicate to one another,” Inhofe said in a news release.

via NewsOK.com

Co-sponsors for the legislation include Republican Senators John Boozman (R-AK), David Perdue (R-GA), Jeff Sessions, and David Vitter (R-LA). By requiring that government conduct all business in English… even during nationalization ceremonies… America would send a clear message that if you want to live in America, you should know our language.

English is already the international language of business, and learning the language helps new Americans become productive members of society. Without learning English, education options and job opportunities are severely limited. This is an important bill which should pass.

Are you tired of having to Press “1” for English? Please leave us a comment and tell us why you think America should recognize English as our official language!

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