This Response to Planned Parenthood Supporters Proves Bobby Jindal Is a Badass


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who recently cancelled a contract funding Planned Parenthood in his state, has given the most epic response to a pro-Planned Parenthood rally that one could possibly imagine.

Jindal is countering a rally in support of the abortion mill by setting up a screen on the lawn of the governor’s mansion that will run each of the horrific Planned Parenthood exposé videos on a continuous loop.

That, my friends, is the very definition of ‘like a boss.’

via LifeNews:

If you’re the pro-life governor of one of the states that has been at the forefront of stopping the abortion industry, how do you counter a rally to support the Planned Parenthood abortion business at a time when it’s been exposed selling aborted babies and their body parts? If you’re Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, you screen the shocking expose’ videos outside the governor’s mansion for the public to see.

Jindal’s office said Tuesday that the pro-life Republican presidential candidate will set up a huge screen outside the governor’s mansion and run each of the seven shocking expose videos of Planned Parenthood on a loop. The move will generate further publicity for the videos that the mainstream media have either defended or virtually ignored.

In a statement, Jindal said that he recognizes the anti-life group’s right to protest, but he would “ensure that anyone who shows up will have to witness first-hand the offensive actions of the organization they are supporting.”

Louisiana is currently at the forefront of the battle against Planned Parenthood, with Jindal launching an investigation into the group, as well as stripping them of Medicaid funding.

Looking to support Bobby, check out this page dedicated to everything Bobby Jindal.

What do you think of Bobby Jindal’s response to those supporting the terrible actions occurring at Planned Parenthood?

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