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This Meme’s Math Is SO BAD That It Must Have Come From COMMON CORE!!

If you know about the Common Core curriculum policies, you know how ridiculous many of the math teaching techniques are, and how so many from the left and the right criticize its implementation.

Well I think I found a perfect example of bad math that just might have come from a victim of Common Core teaching!!


As you can see, it’s been shared nearly a million times, but it’s not because it’s such an amazing fact, but because it’s just so amazingly wrong.

When you divide $1.3 billion of the prize money in the Powerball lottery into our nation’s 300 million population, you DON’T get $4.33 million for each person.

You get about $4.33 for each person.

Let that be a lesson to you – check the math before you repost an “amazing” fact that you find online!!

What do you think? Would you have shared this meme without checking if you saw it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!