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This Meme EXPOSES Liberal’s Hypocrisy About Hillary Clinton – BOOM!

I’m old enough to remember when liberals were supposedly worried about classified intelligence.

But that was 2007… This brutal meme compares the Scooter Libby case to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Perfect!


As we learned during the Obama Administration’s weekly Friday afternoon “news dump”… Not only are they confirming former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the highest levels of classified information on her personal email server, but there are 22 messages from Hillary Clinton that can not be released now!

If Hillary was willing to to break the law in such a brazen way, she’s not qualified to be America’s Commander-in-Chief…

The State Department announced Friday that it will not release 22 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because they contain “top secret” information, the highest level of government classification.

The decision, coming three days before the Iowa caucuses, could provide fodder for Clinton’s political opponents, especially Republicans, who are likely to make note of the emails’ “top secret” designation. Clinton’s email use has haunted her on the campaign trail since it became public early last year that she maintained a private server while leading the State Department.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the documents, totaling 37 pages, were not marked classified at the time they were sent, but are being upgraded at the request of the Intelligence Community because they contain sensitive information.

But, Kirby said, a separate review by the bureaus of Diplomatic Security and Intelligence and Research is being held into whether the information in the emails was classified at the time they were sent and received. He would not say when the review began or how long it would go, and acknowledged it’s possible there could be classified emails that weren’t marked as such.

“It’s certainly possible that for any number of reasons, traffic can be sent that’s not marked appropriately for its classification. That is certainly possible,” Kirby said.

Hillary Clinton belongs in prison… Not the Oval Office.

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