This Liberal Just EXPOSED The GOP Plan To Stop Donald Trump

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I really don’t follow this show on the internet because it’s completely biased and against Republicans, but I have come across a few snippets where I was like, “he’s got it!”

Cenk Uygur is the host and co-founder of The Young Turks, which is the largest news show on the Internet. He has over two million subscribers, which makes him a major player when it comes to his opinion. Watching him break down how the GOP is not happy with Donald Trump was educational and informational.

CENK UYGUR: Number one: He is not going with all of their talking points, so they are very, very upset. So when he blames Bush for 9/11 and says the Iraq war was stupid, they’re like: “Noooo, don’t do that, we had everybody tricked!”

But more importantly, he says the donors are the problem. They are the donors.

The Republican establishment is not neccesarily a series of politicians, it is a series of donors who control the politicans.

When Trump takes a potshot at them, they did not sanction this, what is going on?

On a more serious side… [the donors] can’t control him… We’re used to these Republican politicians, anyone we donate to, being our boy, carrying water for us.

Scott Walker was such a good boy. When we told him to destroy the unions in Wisconsin, he did it for us, and when we told him we need to consolodate against Trump, he immediately bowed out of the race: “Yes sir! Absolutely sir, let me get you water sir.”

So that’s the kind of Republican politican the GOP establishment is used to.

Watch Cenk break down why he came to this conclusion:

Do you agree with Cenk’s breakdown? I know the GOP establishment won’t. Share your thoughts below after watching this and let us know what you think. Add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline for more discussion.

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