This Latest Statement By Presidential Front-Runner Donald Trump Shows Why He’s Blowing Away the GOP Field

When Donald Trump ridicules his GOP and liberal rivals, mocks the media, and rebuffs their negativity against him, many voters that make up the Republican conservative base cheer him on and want him to succeed.

The reason why Trump resonates with so many Americans is because he represents their “inner voice.” He’s the guy that actually says out loud what a lot of people are thinking. During Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity last night, he once again said what was on his mind and in his heart. And, it will play right for the American people because they also feel the same way.

“Our country is going to hell …  So, I just see this all happening, and I said it’s time to do something about it.”

Donald Trump

Compared to Trump, all the other candidates, including Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, are boring. He makes politics entertaining and fun. Trump also benefits from the perception that his rivals and the press want him out of the race and are desperately seizing upon any gaffe to drive him out.

The piling on, the abandonment of Trump by the corporate elite, may have cost him a lot of money. But it also brought him support he would not otherwise have had. For no group of Americans has been called more names than the conservative base of the GOP, and Trump says he’s fighting for them. That has emboldened establishment candidates to attack Trump bringing many unsatisfied and angry voters to his defense.

“People are tired of incompetent politicians running our country,” Trump said. “When they see a deal like the Iran nuclear deal, when they see how badly our veterans are taken care of, they’re just sick and tired of it.” “What I want to do is run as a Republican and win,” Trump said. “And I think I will win. I’ll win in the primaries, and I think I’ll win ultimately, and I’ll make our country great again.”

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