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This Image DESTROYS Obama’s Anti-Gun Agenda! (LOOK)

gun control

Machine guns and so-called “assault” rifles are used in so few crimes, the FBI doesn’t bother gathering reports on them. But that doesn’t stop President Barack Obama and gun-grabbing liberals from pushing their radical agenda. They want to repeal the Second Amendment!

This meme reminds us that when guns were easier to purchase in America, there were NO school shootings. This is EPIC!

Here are some important facts to remember about how easy it was to own a gun in America decades ago, back when this country was more free:

*Up until 1968, you could mail order a rifle. Up until 1927, you could mail order a pistol too. After that 1927, you needed a license to mail order a pistol though the US mail, but you could still do it via other carriers without a license, and doing so was common.

*Sears was a big seller of firearms via mail order.

*Firearms could be purchased cash on the barrel. No background check, no forms. Up until as late as 1938, dealers didn’t even have to record sales.

*Machine guns could be mail ordered until 1934. After that, they still could be purchased as long as you paid the transfer tax and the gun was registered.

*Soldiers could bring back rifles, pistols, and even machine guns as late as 1968, as long as they registered them and paid the tax.

*After 1938 and before 1968, a Federal Firearms License cost $1. The only requirement was that you keep an acquisition and disposition record. No form 4473. Prior to that anyone could get into the gun business, no questions asked.

*Until 1938, it was legal to sell a firearm to anyone. Classes of prohibited people didn’t exist until the Federal Firearms Act of 1938.

*In the 1920s, only a handful of states had any gun control laws, and those that did weren’t much more numerous than the states that have even worse gun control today (and they were in many cases the same states)
There were no federal laws restricting firearms to young people until 1968.

*Firearms were not required to have serial numbers until 1938.

*Until 1934, there were no restrictions on suppressors, short-barreled rifles, or short-barreled shotguns.

*As late as when Antonin Scalia was a teenager in the 1940s and 1950s, you could openly carry a rifle on the New York Subway without anyone batting an eye. How’d the antis like to go back to that culture?

We have to stop Obama’s anti-gun agenda, before it’s too late!

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