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This Guy’s EPIC Sign About Abortion is Going Viral – YOU Have to See THIS!

Abortion rights advocates are busy doing everything they can to support Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.

Sadly, taxpayers are forced to pay for abortion, which is murder. Irresponsible people not wanting to accept the consequences of their actions is why this young man’s sign is going VIRAL!

H/T: YoungCons

Well said! Abortion isn’t a choice, because it involves a real human being. Babies that are being aborted have beating hearts, developing brains, and are just as human as you or I. There should be no question that those lives are worth protecting and defending.

The real “choice” happens when one chooses to make a child. It is a conscious decision to take part in sexual relations, and children are often the consequence of that.

Abortion must be stopped immediately. Instead of aborting, mothers facing hardships should consider options or reach out to the many charities that are willing to help.

Please share this incredible sign on Facebook and Twitter with your friends! Please help us stop abortion NOW.