This German Woman Approached Israeli Students at Auschwitz… What She Did Next Had Them Speechless



A group of Israeli students visiting Auschwitz had a surprising encounter with a German mother. The woman named Ruth approached the students at the concentration camp with postcards bearing yellow heart stickers. She put the stickers on the students’ jackets.


“My people marked you with yellow stars and I brought this from Germany with love.

I cannot ask you for forgiveness of what my people committed to you, but as a sign of love and a stretched out hand, I would like to put a heart on the place where my forefathers have put a yellow star,” she said.

Ruth told Zvi Schwartzman, the teacher accompanying the students, that it was her tenth visit to the Concentration Camp and that she felt obligated to apologize to Jewish visitors for the crimes committed by her older countrymen. Ruth expressed her concern for Iran’s actions and history repeating itself and that people were praying for peace in Jerusalem.

H/T: The Blaze

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