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This EPIC Cartoon Explains Donald Trump’s View of “Political Correctness”… And It’s Going VIRAL!

Donald Trump is still leading the polls and dominating every daily news cycle. He has proven – time and again – that for conservatives to win, we must NEVER apologize or bend to political correctness.

There is no doubt that Megyn Kelly was out to get him at the Fox News debate. After all, the GOP establishment has been tired of him for months. But he is fighting back in a huge way, and is still at the top of every 2016 presidential poll.

Political correctness gets us into trouble, as a nation. When President Barack Obama refuses to use the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence, that’s political correctness. And that’s why President Obama won’t call the attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee what it really was: an act of Islamic terrorism. He’s too busy fighting a threat he finds to be more pressing – so called “global warming” – even though man can not change the Earth’s temperature.

It’s the same political correctness which has forced U.S. military chaplains to perform gay marriages if they wish to keep their jobs. Time and again, political correctness has shown what an oppressive force it can be.

But Donald Trump opposes political correctness! And this brilliant cartoon perfectly shows that:

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