This COVID-19 Has Turned A Lot Of Non-Conspirators Into Conspiracists; Thanks You Leaders!!


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found 45% of Twitter accounts posting messages about the virus come from automated bots. These accounts are aimed at creating division amongst Americans and appear to be coming from overseas, according to the study, which was first reported by the NPR.

Here’s a question for you. How can we take our government seriously if they demand social distancing in airports but not on airplanes?


It seems most voters learning about COVID-19 are fixated on one end of the spectrum. There are a lot of tough decisions having to be made now as to how we can (1) protect elderly populations that are most at risk and (2) get as many people back to work as possible.

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Much of the media now are writing articles trying to marginalize people they feel are too far on one side of the argument. But the real discussion, and where the vast majority of people are, is closer to the center of the spectrum.

As both spectrums do not meet, there are individuals in the middle that are getting trampled because they care about what’s going on without talking points and the battle for who’s right and wrong.


While not usually a conspiracy theorist, I did notice quite obviously that we were initially in lockdown to “flatten the curve” so as not to overwhelm the health care system. That slowly, but quite indeed morphed into locking down until a vaccine or a cure. Moving those goalposts so noticeably is enough to make any intelligent person question the motivation behind that change.

You see, anytime anyone disagrees with the political power advocating for closures, they are met by fierce media attacks and binary equations that don’t exist. I just heard one politician say that they want to open but aren’t ready, and they do not endorse opening without restrictions. Well, NO ONE has advocated opening without restrictions – NO ONE.

Not a single state that has opened has done so without restrictions, so the phantom this politician is trying to create is of an opponent that doesn’t exist. We have seen and heard it all. Meat shortages that didn’t materialize (and what reductions in the meat there were, were overcome easily), ventilator shortages, which we now know did not occur, and NO ONE that needed a ventilator was denied.

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Hospital overcrowding, which we never saw, was a major problem with conspiracy theories. In fact, the Naval Hospital ship in New York sailed away after seeing less than 200 patients, a field hospital designed to treat 3,000 people saw less than 1,000 in total. New York’s claim of needing 40,000 ventilators was a complete and gross exaggeration, using less than 1/2 that total. So yes, lots of theories out there and some are fed by the facts.


The longer this goes on, the more you question the plan that was put into place. Shutting down a large portion of the economy for months is having a devastating impact on society, Government overreach is all around us.

When citizens are being lied to constantly, it’s rational to question these motives. Everything is about politics all the time, so thinking powerful forces are working to undermine the citizens is not irrational.

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It’s really difficult to determine what kind of impact social measures have had to reduce infection. One thing is for sure though, any time you give up a freedom, a right, time, money, or anything else of value to the government, you will never get it back. Decide carefully what you’re willing to give up because it will be permanent.

If governments were wondering how long people would tolerate being confined, I think they have their answer.




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