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This Conservative Young Latina is Running for Congress and Wants to Dethrone AOC

Self-described socialist and “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the face of today’s increasingly far-left Democratic party. Whether it’s calling Donald Trump a “racist” for the umpteenth time, or pushing her “Green New Deal,” a smorgasbord of big government programs that would cost upward of $90 trillion, her radicalism knows no bounds.

For good or ill (it’s definitely ill) the “AOC” is probably the most well-known young Latina woman in American politics.

But now another young woman intends to take that crown–and she’s a conservative.

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The Conservative Answer to AOC?

26-year-old Catalina Lauf is running for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District seat against Democrat Lauren Underwood. If Lauf wins, she would become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, beating the current title holder, Ocasio-Cortez.

Lauf is the daughter of immigrants, her Guatemalan mother immigrated to the U.S. legally to start a family and live the American Dream.

The candidate has a few words for today’s Democrats who are always trying to divide the country.

‘They forget what makes America great is all of us coming together’

“Today angry voices seek to divide us by skin color, economic class, and where we come from,” Lauf says in a voiceover in her new ad. “They use envy and bitterness, trying to convince us to surrender our personal freedoms for the false promises of socialism.

As you hear Lauf’s voice, images of Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Rashida Tlaib appear on screen.

“Our own representative in Congress calls Republicans racist and sexist,” she continued, referring to her Democratic opponent. “They forget that America is an idea, an idea that we are all created equal and that what we have in common is far more powerful than any of our differences. They forget what makes America great is all of us coming together.”

It’s powerful stuff.


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In addition to being a conservative young woman of color, Lauf was also a former Trump administration adviser.

And she’s not afraid to let the Left know exactly what she thinks.

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The Best Part? She Could Win

The Daily Wire has an in-depth interview with Lauf  where she emphasizes how important it is to push back on the hard-left’s divisive tactics and to confront the specter of creeping socialism head on.

It should also be noted that Catalina Lauf’s incumbent Democratic opponent only won her seat by 52.5 percent in the last election, and yet still veers too far leftward for many in the district.

In other words, it’s not impossible for this promising, young conservative woman to win.

Watch out AOC.