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This Cartoon DESTROYS Obama’s Job Record PERFECTLY! (Must See)

When Former President Barack Obama tries to brag about his “job creation” accomplishments… remember, HE IS LYING!

This cartoon perfectly explains why:

jobs numbers

Via Comically Incorrect

While the unemployment number isn’t high, that doesn’t tell the whole story. What’s happening is, people are dropping out of the labor market entirely, which is why they aren’t counted. More than 70% of the jobs recently created are low-level minimum wage jobs – such as waiters and bartenders.

Manufacturing is a disaster, while white-collar jobs are on the decline.

In the mean time, health insurance rates are skyrocketing, and Obamacare gives employers disincentives to hire new employees on a full-time basis. Part-time gigs mean too many underemployed workers will spend years – and perhaps the rest of their lives – struggling to make ends meet.

This is the Obama economy, and Donald Trump was elected to fix it!

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