This Army Captain Fell Right Before Finishing a Grueling Test; Then She Inspired Everyone


The Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge is awarded to medical professionals who pass a series of demanding tests. A physically grueling 12 mile march with heavy equipment through rough terrain is so challenging that only 25% complete it.

Captain Sarah Cudd completed the 12 mile march on April 27th. A video of Cudd crossing the finish line was released by the Public Health Command shows her stumbling 50 yards from the finish line. Using the butt of her rifle, Cudd propped herself up and completed the course.


This dramatic and inspiring video is in stark contrast to the recent news that a woman who failed the Functional Skills Training Test will become a FDNY firefighter after the standards were lowered. Cudd demonstrates that women do not need to be accommodated to meet the demands of their job. This demeans the accomplishments of those who earn and can perform the job.

Cudd was one of only forty five soldiers who earned the Expert Field Medal Badge that day. Eighty percent were unable to complete the course.

Do you think women should be accommodated to be able to physically perform their jobs? Please comment below.

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