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Fantasia Was a Prisoner of War

While tending to soldiers in Rodalbe, France, on Nov. 12, 1944, Fantasia was captured.

For over five months, Fantasia was held as a prisoner of war  until he was finally set free by Russian soldiers on April 28, 1945.

Moulton, who helped make sure the military would eventually be able to present Fantasia his medals, is a former Marine Corps officer.

CNN reported that Fantasia was given eight medals, including the Bronze Star, the Good Conduct Medal and the American Defense Service Medal.

‘What American heroism is all about’

“It’s a true example to the rest of the country and the community what American heroism is all about,” Moulton said, according to WHDH.

Fantasia’s family said the values that earned the long-awaited recognition as a solider are the same values that made him a great father.

“To us, he’s Dad. And he’s always put other people first,” said his daughter Martha Mesiti. “But, to have other people realize how special he is — that’s amazing.”

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‘God has been good’

Fantasia remained humble despite the high honors he received and remembered his fellow soldiers who traveled with him along the way.

“It wasn’t just myself,” he said. “I had help one way or another.”

Fantasia also said he got help from a higher power.

“God has been good. I don’t know what to say,” he said.