It’s only been a few days since the deadly shooting at a California synagogue and the New York Times has printed two anti-Semitic cartoons and received a boatload of backlash for it.

The first one, they removed and apologized over the weekend for printing a depiction of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, and President Trump. On Monday it seems they decided to test the boundaries again in the same International Edition of the paper.

A New York Times spokesman released this statement about the first cartoon: “The cartoon that ran in the international print edition of The Times last Thursday was clearly anti-Semitic and indefensible and we apologize for its publication. While we don’t think this cartoon falls into that category, for now, we’ve decided to suspend the future publication of syndicated cartoons.”

After apologizing over the weekend for publishing a syndicated cartoon with “anti-Semitic tropes” in its depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, The New York Times was criticized again Monday over yet another caricature of Netanyahu.

Dan Senor, a former Pentagon aide and advisor to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, called out the “paper of record” for printing another anti-Netanyahu cartoon, this time depicting him as a blind Moses-like figure holding a tablet with the Israeli flag on it instead of the Ten Commandments.

The cartoon appears to have been published this weekend in the international edition of the paper, the same edition that printed Thursday’s cartoon. Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on the Times to take “immediate action” over the new cartoon.

“This is insensitive, inappropriate, and offensive. It shows once again that the @NYTimes needs to educate its staff about #antiSemitism. We call on them to take immediate action,” Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted Monday. [Fox News]

It occurs to me that you can judge a person by their enemies. I think that goes for countries or beliefs also. Given that Islam has chosen Judaism as it greatest enemy, I believe we should cling to and stay close the Israel.

The NYT keeps thinking people won’t pay attention. That’s probably true because readership is dropping and those who do read it are liberal sycophants for the most part. Running these cartoons only inflames the hatred of Jews in deranged minds. They are accomplices to any violence that happens. They can’t blame Trump and pretend their own hands are clean.

The liberals claim President Trump emboldens sickos like the latest synagogue shooter, but in reality, its the New York Times, USA Today and CNN. They’re the real threat to this country.

If Jewish voters want to start putting an end to the openly hostile, anti-Semitism continuously coming out of the Left, then they need to support Republicans at least until the Democrats get the message that their silence is unacceptable.

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