These NFL Players Are Proud Conservatives

Most people don’t think of politics when they think of football. But,there are some who played in the NFL who conservatives would likely cheer in the political arena as well.

Jack Kemp was a standout quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Kemp, The AFL’s Most Valuable Player in 1965, was a Congressman and was the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee in 1996. Kemp felt his football career prepared him for Capitol Hill.

“Pro football gave me a good perspective,” he was quoted as saying. “When I entered the political arena, I had already been booed, cheered, cut, sold, traded, and hung in effigy.”

Scott Turner played for the Redskins and the Chargers. He also is elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

“Texans must stand firm against a federal government which threatens our freedoms, liberties, and our economy. If elected, I pledge to be a conservative voice who will work against the federal encroachment on Texas.”

Hall of Famer Mike Ditka referred to himself as “ultra-ultra-ultra conservative” and is a fan of Sarah Palin.

“She’s a great lady, mother and wife, and that’s more important than the (expletive) the media spreads about her.”

Gary Cobb played for the Cowboys, Lions and Eagles. A former Democrat, Cobb ran for Congress as a Republican. He expressed concern with how the failed policies of Democrats impacted African Americans.

“[LBJ’s anti-poverty programs were] an incentive for the man to leave the home, and it’s destroyed African-American families throughout the country.”

Tim Tebow received a great deal of attention as a quarterback for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets. Tebow openly expressed his faith and was often ridiculed for it. A firm believer in the sanctity of life, Tebow and his mother were in a pro life advertisement for Focus on the Family.

Which NFL Player is your favorite conservative?


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