illegal immigrants given citizenship
In yet another story of unbelievable government incompetence, the feds were set to deport more than 858 immigrants from dangerous countries.

Instead, they did the exact opposite, and put us all in danger!!

And yet we’re supposed to believe that these idiots will properly vet tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and keep us all safe? They can’t even be counted on to follow the laws of deportation we already have on the books!!

Here’s more from Yahoo News:

The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants from countries of concern to national security or with high rates of immigration fraud who had pending deportation orders, according to an internal Homeland Security audit released Monday.

The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general found that the immigrants used different names or birthdates to apply for citizenship with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and such discrepancies weren’t caught because their fingerprints were missing from government databases.

It’s almost as if Obama is doing this on purpose!! Meanwhile the “open borders” crowd calls him the “deporter-in-chief”!! I’m surprised we deport anyone lately!!

Here’s more about the crazy story:

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