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The View Said Obama Should “Ban All Guns” – Dr. Carson’s Response Silenced THEM ALL!

the view

Dr. Ben Carson is a conservative candidate for President, which is why “The View” had him on as a guest for a political edition of their show. The liberal hosts thought it was the perfect opportunity to embarrass Carson in front of millions of viewers.

But their plan backfired in a BIG WAY!

Watch (below) as they debate gun control and President Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda after the mass murders at the community college in Oregon.

Rather than banning guns, Dr. Carson calmly explained to the angry hosts that we should be training teachers in gun safety and diversionary techniques. There are creative ways to protect our children that simply aren’t being used.

It’s clear that Dr. Carson won the debate and it only took 60 seconds. You have to see this video!

Do you oppose Barack Obama’s radical anti-gun agenda? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.