‘The View’ Derails As Hosts Fight Over Second Amendment – ‘Designed To Protect Slavery’

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The ABC talk show “The View” went off the rails once again on Friday when the cohosts of the show got into a massive fight over the Second Amendment.

Liberal cohost Sunny Hostin  claimed during the discussion that the Second Amendment is rooted in racism and was “designed to protect slavery,” while conservative cohost Meghan McCain praised it as a “cornerstone” of what she feels “America should be.”

Hostin Attacks Second Amendment

When Joy Behar asked what she feels the heart of “America’s gun problem,” Hostin replied, “I think it’s a cultural problem and … for decades the NRA has pushed legislation that not only supported a lot of gun ownership and the proliferation of guns, but also stifled the study and spread of information about the causes of gun violence.”

“I’m reading an incredible book called ‘The Second’ by professor Carol Anderson, and she describes that … the right to bear arms was designed to protect slavery because our founding fathers, and others, wanted to be able to empower a local militia group to basically put down a slave revolt and protect plantation owners,” Hostin continued.

She went on to claim that gun sales are spiking in the black community due to white supremacy, the pandemic, and police violence. She claimed that this is why people feel unsafe, rather than blaming the national crime increase.

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McCain Fires Back

McCain, however, was not having any of it.

“Well, what makes me feel unsafe is rising crime,” McCain said, according to Fox News. “But you aren’t seeing people fleeing Arizona. In fact, Arizona is gaining a new congressional seat because so many people from California want to come over to Arizona because of the different kind of laws.”

“You aren’t seeing people flooding to places like New York City, you’re seeing them flood to places like Florida and Texas and that’s because of the crime spikes and other things that happened post-pandemic,” she added.

McCain then took a defiant stand for the Second Amendment.

“I’m a gun owner, I’m an NRA member, I’m proud to be both,” she said. “I think I never want to be lectured to by people who don’t own guns, who didn’t grow up in gun culture, who don’t understand why women like me want to be armed.”

“It’s a very hard thing for people to understand that don’t believe in it,” McCain added. “But going forward I will always vote for any person and any party that continues to defend the Second Amendment no matter what happens. It is the cornerstone of who I am and what I believe America should be.”

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Check out the full segment below.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 23, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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