A pair of co-hosts on ABC’s ‘The View’ defended fake news reports attacking teenagers at Covington Catholic High School, one justifying the media’s reaction and another blaming the kids themselves.

As you’re no doubt well-aware at this point, several students at Covington were victims of an out-of-context video that spread through the media like wildfire because it offered an opportunity to smear people wearing MAGA hats as racist.

Several other videos have since been released, thoroughly exonerating the students from the charges that were leveled against them by highly biased sources. The issue should have been put to rest.

That hasn’t stopped Trump Derangement case studies Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin from trying to justify the media’s actions and blaming the teenagers for destroying their own reputations.

Behar: Media Rushed to Judgment Because … Trump!

It’s President Trump’s fault. It always is.

Behar waded into the controversy by defending the media’s rush to judgment. She essentially claimed that the President has journalists so fired up that it’s easy to understand why they would put two and two together and come back with six.

“Why do we keep making the same mistake?” Whoopi Goldberg asked, seemingly owning the journalistic malpractice that continually takes place in the era of Trump.

“Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office,” Behar answered. “That’s why.”

“I think the press jumps the gun a lot because we just have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy that we are basically hoping Cohen’s got the goods and what have you,” Behar added. “It’s wishful thinking.”

Is that really the job of journalists? To project their fantasies into their reporting? It shouldn’t be, but Behar is onto something here.

Hostin: Whole Thing Happened Because of MAGA Hats

Hostin, in what amounts to blaming the victim of an assault for wearing a short skirt, said it was the students who were to blame. Why? Because they wore MAGA hats to a March For Life rally. The nerve!

“They were there for a pro-life why do they need those hats on their head?” Behar asked.

Tough to figure – perhaps because the President and his White House are pro-life?

Hostin agreed with Behar’s insinuation, blaming the hats and citing separation of church and state.

“That is the other thing you know Catholic churches, you get this tax exemption because you’re not supposed to be political,” she said. “They had these political hats on and these outfits. Again where were the adults advising them that they can’t wear that?”

Hostin added that the adults failing to tell the kids they can’t wear hats celebrating America made her “disgusted by the entire thing.”

So the media’s obsession with Trump and MAGA hats are a justification for kids, parents, and teachers receiving death threats at Covington Catholic?