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The Trump Administration Is Sending Fines To Illegal Immigrants Who Refuse To Leave The US

Jason Hopkins on July 2, 2019

The Trump administration is slapping fines on illegal immigrants who are ignoring court orders to leave the U.S. — one of them totals nearly half a million dollars.

“It is the intention of [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to order you pay a fine in the amount of $497,777,” read a June 25 ICE letter to Edith Espinal Moreno, a woman who has remained in Ohio despite an immigration judge ruling two years ago that she must leave. NPR first reported on the letter.

An ICE spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation the agency is sending these notices to illegal immigrants.

“The Immigration and Nationality Act grants U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement the authority to impose civil fines on aliens who have been ordered removed or granted voluntary departure and fail to depart the United States,” read an ICE statement to the DCNF Tuesday. The agency also pointed to a January 2017 executive order that called on the government to fine illegal aliens.

Aliens who refuse a Justice Department Executive Office for Immigration Review order to leave the U.S. could receive a Notice of Intention to Fine, or NIF. They then are given a 30-day period to respond before authorities make a decision to issue an actual fine.

The agency said it began sending these fines in December 2018. An alien who ignores a deportation order can be hit with a fine of about $3,000, and that fine can increase by no more than $500 for each day they remain in the U.S. ICE was not able to confirm how many NIFs it’s issued since the recent crackdown.

“ICE is committed to using various enforcement methods – including arrest; detention; technological monitoring; and financial penalties – to enforce U.S. immigration law and maintain the integrity of legal orders issued by judges,” the agency said in a statement.

News of the near $500,000 fine comes after President Donald Trump tabled a June plan to conduct mass arrests and deportations of illegal aliens who ignored orders to leave the country. The plan — which was to be executed in 10 cities across the country and target roughly 2,000 illegal aliens — was called off a day before it was to be executed.

However, Trump said Monday the delayed immigration raids will take place after the July 4 holiday.

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  • This IS Good for the COUNTRY. If they don't pay the fines and are deported we keep the fines indefinitely in THEIR name and finger prints till they are convicted in the U.S.A OF ILLEGALLY CROSSING THE BORDER AGAIN BUT THIS TIME THEY GO TO JAIL AT BORDER IN THE SUN! MAKE IT A CAMP JAIL. TILL FINES ARE PAYED IN FULL!!! Let's do the raids ASAP! No more delays we need to send a message to all OTHER SOCIALIST countries stop SENDING PEOPLE to ILLEGALLY cross border!!!! I like the idea of taking fines from money we send to those countries or better yet do not send any money till stop the caravans coming to USA borders!!!! No ssi or health care for ILLEGALLY CROSSING OUR borders!!!!!! We the PEOPLE are FEDUP with DEM RATS and LIBERALS with giving ILLEGALS FREE everything on the taxes the PEOPLE pay!! We should tax Congress officials for not doing THEIR jobs!! Stop ILLEGALS from CROSSING the BORDER with laws that make it a crime that will deter anyone to even try to cross BORDER!! We should deport Congress officials and strip them out of office if they still refuse to do their JOB and not let them back!!!!!!! May be we would get a better congressional panel instead of DEEP STATE CRIMINALS AND TRATORS!!!!!!!!

  • Why would you want to know how MANY letters were sent. Are you going after them to send them back. Or are you a dem RAT LIBERAL WHO needs their votes!!!!!

  • Take away all of the illegals benefits of living in our country. If we could get the welfare agencies to cut off these payments and not allow their children in our schools, our country could save us a lot of money.

  • If the federal law is still the same, I believe if an illegal alien does not voluntarily return to their native country and cause ICE to arrest and deport them, they cannot come back or even petition America for re-entry for 10 plus years.

    If anyone should be required to have the "chip", illegal aliens should have the chip placed on them before they are allowed in to America to await their court hearing. The way it is right now, they enter the United States and disappear.

  • If they have address to send them fines then they can forcefully remove them from their homes and take them to the borders. Make sure the border has names of all those that are sent back so they will never be allowed too enter the U.S. again period. Giving them fines is not going to faze them now. Removal is the only thing. Socialism is not going to win. Our laws are on the books and need to be followed by all. Any American in public jobs need to be arrested charged with abstraction of justice and thrown in jail.

  • Won't do much good to fine most of them as they have no money. Just find them load them up and send them far far away from the US. Hope they start very soon and don't back out, we need them gone. Any money they might get should g to ICE for their wages.

  • All these people need to be sent back to their respective countries of origin. The fines sound OK but how is the government expected to collect?

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