The Politically Correct Hacks Are at it Again — Goodbye Old Dixie

Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters wanted the Old Dixie Highway renamed for President Barack Obama, and he made it happen. On Wednesday, the city council voted 4-1 to change the name. Masters, who floated the idea on his Facebook page this week, said swapping “Old Dixie” for the name of America’s first black president would be a fitting gesture in the predominantly black city.

“We’re in the Dr. Martin Luther King celebrations in the city. What better way to celebrate his legacy than to get rid of what he died for, which was getting rid of old Dixie,” Masters said.

Masters noted the Old Dixie Highway intersects Martin Luther King Boulevard in the city, and “this may be one of the few places in America where you have a Barack Obama intersecting with Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard,” what a concept huh?

Here’s my problem with this decision. Barack Obama hasn’t done that much to help the black community while he has been in office. I strongly feel race relations have taken a step backwards and instead of bringing people together in the best way, Obama has created a division. I didn’t grow up in the 60s, but I’ve seen videos and it feels like he’s are trying to take us back in that direction.

I am not speaking about segregated lunch counters and bus boycotts, let’s be sane on this issue. This mayor who already has his picture with Obama probably thinks he will get another picture before the president leaves office by making this act happen. I see nothing here but a minstrel show, smiling and waving the flag saying “look over here Obama, this is for you my lord.”

However, it might not be over. Check out this video report:

Check out some of the social media responses to the mayor’s decision:





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