The Left Is Really Doing A Job With This White Self-Hatred Thing – And It’s Working!

Our schools teach white students that they are immoral and contemptible.

The root of this is ignorance. Ignorance of history, ignorance of the keys to success, ignorance of morality, ignorance of justice, and more. Now I see why the dumbing down was so essential to liberals’ plan.

Their teachers never tell them, “White self-hatred is SICK.“ Those teachers claim to be anti-racist. What they are is anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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The plan is to diminish whites’ positive self-perception to the point where they become guilt-ridden, disunited and ultimately powerless and precipitate large scale internal warfare or some other form of societal collapse.

Who could be behind such a scheme and why? A hostile foreign power, fearful of America, would benefit were it to become weaker and even more disunited than at present. Another possibility is to apply the Hegelian Dialectic – problem/reaction/solution – with the ‘international community’ coming to the rescue and imposing an NWO-style military peace.

A third possibility is that ‘they’ know that the international financial Ponzi is about to collapse and a race war could deflect the blame from those who profited from the Ponzi. Or maybe the intention is to crash the US dollar and on the back of the collapse usher in a global currency – a fundamental building block for One World Government.


It seems like this has come up all of a sudden, but has been over five decades in the making. The left has instilled “white guilt” into society through instruments like academia, the press, the news media, Hollywood and entertainment, and popular culture over decades. Most of us were too busy working and enjoying the fruits of our labor in this great country to notice or give a damn.

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Very few of us know what the top string-pullers are at. What I do know is that this whole BLM/Antifa insurrection is not organic. Some kind of trap is being set. Tread carefully.


The progressive academy hates black people just as much as they hate white people, or native Americans, or mestizos, or anyone. An ideology of hatred and death consumes them. Adherents know nothing of mercy or grace or salvation or truth. The only thing worse than listening to these people is allowing them to help you. Death stalks our nation from the ivory towers of privilege.

In previous times we didn’t have to face then the sly enemy we face today — the enemy who assaults us armed, not with a broadsword and shield, but with brilliantly-conceived propaganda, with clever questions and fictions designed to make us doubt our values, doubt the traditions our ancestors built, and doubt our very right to exist.

White privilege is fabricated, but I do feel white guilt is real. Nobody can make someone feel guilty. They have to do it all by themselves. And there are white people who feel deeply guilty for being white and having some sort of white privilege. It rises almost to the level of mental illness.


As we all know, in 1960, 78% of black children lived in two-parent homes. Today it is the reverse. The Democrats purposely destroyed the black family. They keep them down by offering them nothing but segregated ghettos.

These bad schools produce nothing but illiterates and thugs, who can never become productive members of society and teaches them they are victims of me. There is no chance the black community can advance, and if they did, they would have no need for or use of the Democrats.

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The Democrats know this, and the whole purpose of “whitey’s a systemic racist, white privileged, white supremacist oppressor” is to keep people, black and white, from focusing on this fact.

I know that you can never convince a democrat of the above. In the 1980s, when I would point out the immorality of their beliefs, they would say, “my beliefs are important to me.” Today, confronted with the above, they run from the room. But you can confront them. There are so many, many lines of attack.

Have fun with it. Watch them run (literally).



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