The ‘Conservative’ Case for Letting Democrats Choose GOP Candidates

Republican New Hamshire Gov. Chris Sununu appears on the far-left NBC News 'Meet the Press' during Oct. 2022.
'Full Sununu: 'People Have To Just Take The Heat Down' Over Politics' (2022), NBC News YouTube

With the 2024 presidential election remaining far off, yet hysterically close for political junkies, it’s time for conservatives to start panicking about the need for Republican Party politicians to be civil. And from that panic comes a revolutionary idea: the conservative case for letting Democrats choose GOP candidates.

On Feb. 20, The New York Times published a glowing profile of Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire. “Chris Sununu Eyes the G.O.P.’s ‘Normal’ Lane in 2024. Does It Exist?” worried the headline.

Thankfully, the subheading answered the question, with a pull quote from Sununu assuring the outlet that, “I’m conservative. . . . I’m just not an extremist.” Conservatives everywhere can rejoice at hearing this.

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Respectability and Civility

Chris Sununu exudes decency; someone who is civil and wins the respect of Democrats. That’s everything conservatives could ever want. Precious moderates would definitely have to consider voting for a candidates such as him, even if he goes up against someone as formidable as Joe Biden.

Biden, of course, is the standard bearer of civility, decorum, and statecraft. Just ask Biden himself. Or any journalist. Or any politician. (Republicans in particular are always eager to praise Democrats.) Or ask anyone in the ruling class for that matter.

In order to compete against such a high-quality candidate, the GOP must choose a high-quality candidate of its own. Again, there can be no higher quality of a candidate than someone Democrats respect.

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Far-Right Candidates Are Unacceptable

For those who still aren’t convinced that someone like Chris Sununu is perfect, the Times expands on just how great it believes that he is. “After three consecutive disappointing election cycles for his party, Mr. Sununu says the time for indulging Mr. Trump’s delusions has long passed,” the article tells its gullible highly educated readers.

“The midterms, he argues, proved that the nation, including many Republicans, had little interest in the far-right candidates the former president backed,” the article adds. Quite right. Far-right candidates—those who oppose the Democrats—are unacceptable.

So if conservatives and Republicans ever want to be considered civil and serious, they must let Democrats—like The New York Times—tell them which candidates from their party are civil and serious. That’s a perfectly reasonable position and everyone can certainly agree with that.

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Anyone the GOP Chooses Will Be Too Extreme

Further into the article readers learn that, “Even nominating a onetime Trump acolyte from the prospective 2024 field, like Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida or the former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, is a misread of the moment, he says.” So for all the conservatives who are quivering for DeSantis, he’s not acceptable to respectable people. Indeed, DeSantis is even worse than Trump is.

Still later the Times describes Sununu as “a ‘Seinfeld’-quoting, Covid booster-boosting” person. That’s the perfect Republican candidate. Everyone can get behind a GOP nominee who is on Jab number nine and who loves an ancient television series that had a cast who despises everyone who votes for Republicans.

And if all this isn’t enough, the article notes that Sununu is “road-testing a message of de-MAGA-fied conservatism” and that he is “pro-choice.” Again, this is exactly what the GOP needs and it’s what all Respectable people in America want.

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Democrats Know Best

Civility, respectability, and bringing some decorum back to politics. Chris Sununu has it all—he is a Republican candidate that Democrats can endorse. And if not him, then the Democrats can surely find someone else.

The idea that Republicans can continue to nominate their own candidates is absurd. It upsets Democrats and leads to politics being nasty and vulgar. And since conservatives and the GOP constantly pine about wanting to find common ground and civility, they must be the ones to bring about the change they so desperately want.

Thus, the conservative case for letting Democrats choose GOP candidates who will lose honorably isn’t just an idle suggestion, it’s a solution that conservatives and Republicans must implement.

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