‘That’s Bulls***’: Don Lemon Attacks Sinema And Manchin For Celebrating MLK And Supporting Filibuster

‘That’s Bulls***’: Don Lemon Blasts Sinema And Manchin For Celebrating MLK While Opposing Dem's Voting Rights Bill

On Tuesday, CNN’s Don Lemon blasted Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin for celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his holiday on Monday while also opposing the Democrats’ voting rights bill.

Lemon made his comments during his program “Don Lemon Tonight.”

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Lemon: Sinema and Manchin are ‘the biggest hypocrites on the planet’

Lemon discussed the Dems’ efforts to federalize elections, complaining that both Manchin and Sinema have stood in the way of the bills by refusing to go along with getting rid of the filibuster.

Lemon, using the talking point that people aren’t able to vote, said, “Inevitably, you get the politicians, especially the ones in Washington now who are blocking — you know, the people’s access to the voting booth, and they want to use Dr. King conveniently.”

Lemon called Sinema and Manchin “the biggest hypocrites on the planet.”

“Because if Sinema and Manchin really want to honor the legacy of Dr. King and all the people who fought for Civil Rights and voting rights for this country, what they would do is do a carve-out for voting rights within the filibuster. That’s what they would do,” Lemon said.

He continued, “For some reason, they are mired in tradition and they are stuck with these rules that are backwards.”

The “rules” have only recently become “backwards.” Democrats used the filibuster a record 327 times in a single year alone during Donald Trump’s presidency, and used it again just last week to block sanctions against Russia.

The Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, famously described getting rid of the filibuster as “doomsday for democracy.”

“Just because there is a rule doesn’t mean that rule can’t change,” Lemon added. “The Constitution is amended, so it’s time to amend the rule and fight — and protect the most sacred right that we have as Americans.”

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Lemon: ‘You’re supposed to be a Democrat who espouses to the ideals of Dr. King — that’s bulls***’

Lemon said he believed that anyone who claimed to be a Democrat and espouse the values of Dr. King should not be for keeping the filibuster.

“‘We can’t change the rules because the rules are tradition, but we’re going to block people from the voting,’” Lemon said, mocking the two Democratic senators. “And you’re supposed to be a Democrat who espouses to the ideals of Dr. King — that’s bulls***. That’s BS.”

“That’s BS. And you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a hypocrite,” Lemon finished.

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