President Barack Obama, for political reasons, has created the immigration crisis. He is illegally granting amnesty to five million illegal aliens, and wants border security to be weakened. For Obama, American security comes secondary to expanding welfare programs and creating new Democratic voters.

And no state is more affected by Obama’s amnesty agenda than Texas. That’s why the Lone Star state just made history by passing America’s most comprehensive and toughest border law in America. This new state law provides once unheard of funding to secure the border, creates a Child Sex Trafiicking Prevention Unit to stop the cross-border sex trade while increasing penalties for human trafficking, and expands the border protection unit. The bill seeks to be reimbursed by Obama’s Federal government, which has been criminally negligent on its treatment of Texas’ Southern border.

Gov. Greg Abbott, who is probably the most conservative governor in America, discussed the threat of illegal immigration during the recent State of State address:

“We are doing this because border security has turned out to be a real challenge for the people of this state, not just on the border region but across communities across the entire state of Texas,” the Texas governor said.

Because of the magnitude of the challenge, Abbott declared securing the border an emergency issue. He added, “And the Texas legislature responded profoundly, and strongly.”

And he put Obama in his place!:

In seeking this reimbursement, Gov. Abbott said, “Texas is willing to shoulder the responsibility, we expect the federal government to foot the bill.”

And noted Texas is doing the job the Federal government is refusing to do:

The Governor ended the ceremony by saying, “Now together these laws establish a comprehensive border security plan that will keep our state and our communities a safer place.”

Abbott signed the bills into law and declared, “Texas is now a safer place.”

via Breitbart

This is fantastic news! Texas’ border has been unsecured for too long. Texas – with its lack of an income tax and a booming business economy – is a model for what conservative leadership can look like. Just think how much better the Lone Star state would be if there was a competent leader in the White House too?

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